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Tips To Find Good Apartments Without Visiting Them

Going out and visiting multiple apartments may not be on your to-do list in 2020 considering the recent events. Unfortunately, you may need to relocate due to job change, end of the current lease, etc. Fortunately, you can use many options (e.g. an apartment finder in Denver) to search for a new place to live in without going out and keep yourself safe from the pandemic.

It mostly involves using the internet for apartment hunting. You might also make a few calls to brokers, friends, etc. You also need to take a few precautions in case you aren’t satisfied with the new place.

How To Find Nice Apartments Without Going Them

Decide Your Priorities

Your options might be limited because most people are trying to stay inside as much as possible to prevent catching the coronavirus infection. You need to be more flexible with your options to find a new place to stay until a better option becomes available. You should define what you cannot compromise on when searching for apartments in LoDo, Denver. Your priorities could include a low rent rate, pet-friendliness, more bedrooms than your current place, etc.

Start Search Early

You should start searching for a new apartment at least eight weeks before you plan on relocating. This will give you enough time to look at different choices before you make the final decision. This will also give you enough time to take care of formalities like giving your current landlord the notice, getting your security deposit, updating your address, etc.

Check Apartment Finder

An apartment finder in Denver can help you find the best option based on your needs. They understand the city and its neighborhoods well and have connections with several apartment communities. They can give you better insight than any listing site ever could and cut the time you spend searching from a few days to a few hours. Most finders offer their services to renters for free and get their commission from the landlord.

Take Virtual Tours

You don’t have to visit every building in person to see if they match their online descriptions. You can do it by requesting the landlord to give you a virtual tour of the place through video calls. Virtual tours have become even more popular after the pandemic. Ask them to show you the rooms, the corridor, etc. Take note of problems during the call because this could mean that the area has a poor network.

If virtual tours aren’t possible, then ask the landlord to send recent photos of the place. An apartment finder in Denver can help you arrange these.

Request Floor Plan

Virtual tours and photographs will give you an idea of what the place looks like but the lighting can make it seem bigger and more flattering than it is. You should request the landlord to send you the apartment’s floor plan with exact dimensions so that you know how big it really is.

Ask For List Of Furniture And Appliances

Many landlords add semi-furnished or fully furnished to the online description and leave it at that. This won’t give enough idea of what furniture or appliances you need to buy, especially if the landlord gives you a virtual tour while the tenant hasn’t relocated yet. So when searching for apartments in LoDo, Denver, ask the landlords to give you a list of appliances and furniture.

Hold Off On Signing Lease Until Relocating

You might end up with an apartment you don’t like despite the precautions you take. By holding off on signing the lease, you can back out of the deal if the place isn’t as described or the neighborhood seems unfriendly. Keep in mind that you may have to forfeit the security deposit if you back out of the deal. You will also need a backup place to stay.

Request Short LeaseIf the landlord insists that you sign the lease before relocating, then request a short lease for a month or two. This will give you enough time to search for better apartments in LoDo, Denver.